Speech Global Warmning

To the honorable judges, my beloved brothers and sisters and all of participants of this speech contest, allow me to say Panganjali Umat
Om Swastiyastu
First of all, I would like to say thanks to the Almighty God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa because of His blessing, we are here to day in this great occasion of speech competition.
My name is Ni Ketut Dian Permata Sari. I am a student of SMA PGRI 4 Denpasar. This is indeed a great honor for me to deliver a speech with the title “Save Our Earth”
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I choose this title from the big theme of environment. Because I think that environment is important aspect of our life. Talk about environment I emphases to everlasting our planet. Because we always chat with it, so we have to maintain our planet well without damage our planet.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this Globalization era, maybe it’s so difficult to save our earth that was sick. Sick means many damages happen. Such as in Sanur Beach, there is an abrasion because scraped of sand to build a Vila. Another case happen in Buleleng regency there is digging of mountain side and it causes a land slide which threatens the peoples who live in there.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Although the nature gives caution through disaster, but not many people realize to take care our environment. For example many of our society are lazy to throw the rubbish in its place. Maybe you think that’s small problem, but the result we have to soak by flood if the rain come. It happened in Denpasar a few moments ago, at Jurang Asri because the ditch was blocked by a lot of garbage.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As we know we have global problem that is global warming. Global warming caused by all of gas and chemical in the world. It makes earth becoming hot as the result  the temperature of earth  changes suddenly. The serious case is the North Pole and South Pole ice melt and increases the volume of sea water. So we can imagine what will happen in the future if it is not stop right now.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Its enough damaging of our earth. We can’t just quiet looking our earth that was damage and pollution. So we have to work together to save our earth, it can be started from small things such as throw the rubbish in its place and always take care the cleanliness of our environment. Another  ways that I  can suggest you are:
  1. Subtract the pollutions
  2. Work together  to maintain forest and,
  3. Plant many trees in our environment
That’s modest way but the result is great for our life.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
All of those way can be crated by own self, family and society. To increase the participation of society to maintain our environment we can make an innovations such as cleanliness Competition 2010, few moments ago who was opened by our Mayor of Denpasar that followed by four hundred five neighborhood organization. In that event our mayor  said that, is important to understand about Tri Hita Karana concept,  to manage the environment problems. Tri Hita Karana is Three who is cause an harmonice life. Well, talk about Tri Hita Karana,is  our culture who used by our ancestor was and I think it’s better to applied in our daily life to make an harmonice life.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
About the statement of our mayor just now, come on we applied Tri Hita Karana in our life. We work together to  save our earth all at once defend our culture to manage the environment problem and make harmonic condition in harmonic environment.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I want to remind you  to  save our environment, because we life in it, chat with it, so we have save our earth  based on Tri Hita Karana which has been growing in Bali since formerly. So I hope my information in this speech can be useful for us and can be implemented as well. And finally I want to say “STOP GLOBAL WARMING, SAVE OUR EARTH! Let’s do it!”
Well thank you very much, at the end I closed by Parama Santhi
Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhi Om

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